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Sports Handicappers

Doc Silver, at age 78 has made most of his living as a professional sports investor. Over the last 30 years Doc has earned a solid reputation with his well respected and highly regarded Private Prescription Plays. His Prescription Plays are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Let 32 years of sports investing experience work for you. Scott Matthews has long been one of the most trusted and powerful names in the sports handicapping industry. The public can now connect with his knowledge and resources he has developed over the past 30 years.

Now adding to his portfolio, over 65 different contacts in the sporting world, his direct access to “The California Club Plays”; The man the plan, brings his savvy business sense and his keen eye for quality information to the 411 Network.

Miami has produced a lot of good players and it’s also produced one of the best sports handicappers in the business, JT Stevens thrives in the “big-game” environment, as one of his specialties is picking the winner in high-profile matchups.

Mike considers himself to have much better manipulation of the data and information compared to the general handicapping community. In the words of Mike Lieber, “Stop Gambling and Start Investing” by using his “Totals” system that is proven to work!

Brian’s proprietary money management system is well known among the industry, as well as, his highly regarded “Black Book” games which are now hitting over 75%. Brian is a major contributor to the 411 and is a tremendous asset to anyone who allows him to manage their bankroll.

When looking for an expert in any field most people want him to be close to the action. For sports betting, you’d feel confident if he was in the No. 1 city on the planet for gambling. Based in Sin City allows him to get the inside information he needs to make winning sports.

JP always found a seat for himself right next to the “big suits” in the gambling world. Jack Porter knew what he wanted, gambling was in his blood and he turned that passion into a lucrative gambling empire.

Ken specializes in the analytical information behind trends. This is the information is quantitative or qualitative and used for the decision making to what specific matchups to side with. This individual and detailed brand of analysis has made him an in-demand handicapper.

Johnny Kent, CEO and director of operations of the 411Winners. Johnny attributes his business success to one key element, he always surrounds himself with a winning team comprised of the best experts in the field.